Alignment of the Stars

Breaking News

Action News November 29th 2011

The text “Breaking News” appears over the TV screen and a woman dressed in appropriate news-anchor attire appears on the screen, she shuffles some papers on the desk and goes straight into a rehearsed speech. “We interrupt the regularly scheduled program to bring you this breaking news.” She turns to the side and a box appears with what appears to be amateur video of the pyramid at Giza, and it’s floating golden glow, hovering over the sands outside Cairo “Today at 1:32 am Local time the pyramid abnormality created during the terrorist attack on Egypt, disappeared in a flash of light,” as she says in the corner of the screen you see the slowly spinning pyramid release a blinding burst of golden sunlight and then vanish from sight. “only to reappear in the center of Paris hovering just meters above the Lourve’s famous Pyramid Inversee,” The picture in the box changes to show what appears to be live footage of the pyramid now spinning slowly over the Lourve, “turning a night in Paris into brilliant daylight, local authorities have ordered a full scale evacuation of the local districts of Paris, this applies to Arrondissements one through eight immediately with a travel restriction for the remaining eleven Arrondissements.” As the woman speaks you can hear a loud explosion from the live feed and the ground around the Lourve appears to glitch, shuttering like a computer mistake before loosing it’s appearance as earth and grass and instead appearing as an almost translucent blue diamond-like crystal. The woman looks over at someone off screen looking for what she’s supposed to say, a flutter of activity cuts to a solid tone and a Please Hold placeholder card.


Zaeth Zaeth

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