Alignment of the Stars

Cake Rabbits

Act 1: The Beginning; Chapter 1: Dramatis Persona

“Cake rabbits,” the woman begins, “who designed the cake rabbits? Guess we will never really know, probably no one, they probably have always existed, we just never took the time to notice them.”
You look at the woman confused, dream and reality blending together till you are sitting in the teahouse, floating through the endless sea of stars. She looks back at you, sitting properly like a lady on the far side of the tea tray. She notices the confusion in your face, “Cake rabbits,” she repeats, "we were talking about cake rabbits. Guess that’s not really a huge part of the story. Japan, through the looking glass once again, Alice followed the Cake Rabbit down the hole, straight into the lap of,Amaterasu. Oh yes but I’m getting ahead of myself again, first our heroes need to meet their villain, the woman in chains that murders the selves that are not their selves and rises them to greatness." You pick up a tea snack the gentle vanilla flavor melting on your tongue. She pushes a small tray of sweets towards you as she continues "Five dead in as many minutes and five new fated children, born again. A looking glass calling to them, letting them know that the future beckons. Where in they found a wondrous world, a place called, Japan, with people speaking a bastardized version of Low Realm and holding up black boxes at the antics of confused second agers, with buildings of metal, glass, and stone, and a more recognizable palace of realm style. Following a storm brewing in the sky above the palace they ventured forth and met the fair lady,Amaterasu who requested of them a boon, retrieve a mirror just beyond the edge of her home, and she would reveal to them truths about where they were." The woman stands in one graceful motion, walking to the door out to the starry abyss staring out as she continues telling the tale.
“The chosen five returned to the goddess, the mirror Yata no Kagami. After absorbing it into herself, she begins to explain to the gathered how her age, the Fifth Age, the Age of Darkness, differs from there own Age of Sorrow, only to learn that they have no clue what she is talking about. She urges them back to creation to visit the heavens and learn of their purpose. Upon arriving back across the mirror we meet another of our protagonists,Silver String of Fate looking to see what has happened to his force of men and women, laid dead at the foot of the mirror. They seem to catch him by surprise, as they chatter on about Deathknights and Fairfolk all the way up to Yu-shan, where they are granted the knowledge of what they have become, a cog in the bureaucracy of heaven. They meet some important but not really interesting people, and return back through the portal in Shanrei to Japan where we have finally caught up with the cake rabbits and Amaterasu, finding her palace pressed further into the wyld-lands, and surrounded by strange metal beasts with flashing lights." She turns and walks back to her cushion, pouring you another cup of the indescribable tea, your hands going to the cup as if drawn, bringing it to your lips, the hot liquid slipping deliciously down your throat. She smiles slightly, continuing "Passing back through the mirror our heroes notice they are being watched, by dogs of shadow and steel. To further their quest to figure out the source of the growing darkness they head to the side of the Imperial Mountain to the home ofFifty Autumns, where he learns his teacher of many years Ragara Ursa is a sidereal as well. After exploring the connection of the shadow creatures to the growing disease, they find the beasts congregating around another mirror to the future, stepping through without hesitation they find themselves in an even more fantastic place, where they promptly gain the attention of the local constables, sweet talking their way out of serious problems, they are pursued by an unknown person and find refuge in a local inn, marveling in the conveniences of the manse they take up residence in. Watching a transmission device on the wall they learn that the city they were in before, Tokyo has declared a state of emergency and has closed down all access to it’s central region following a terrorist attack that left the princess of their land missing. Discovering that they can learn information from these devices they learn more about the world they are in. To test out his new found knowledge one of their number summons the Azure Chariot in the central park of the city and proceeds to fly up, only to be buzzed by a metal frame moving at speeds well beyond the chariots capabilities. He returns to the ground where they are surrounded by men who point objects at them in front of flashing lights, after several moments of conversation they don’t understand little metal projectiles strike their armor, while the two who did not go up watch the events on a screen a few blocks away. Two of their number retreat quickly to the portal while the third unconcerned by the weapons of the mortals walks away slowly. Only to be greeted by a loud disorienting explosion, sending him to the ground but doing no real damage. Making him almost want to vomit everywhere his vision swimming he tried to run away further, as more objects land around him and explode, then four flashes surround him and he is suddenly not on his feet at all. Enter the Garou Nathan North who carried the stunned sidereal all the way to his Cairn, with the intention of finding out what the heck is going on, and why he would risk exposing all of them. After being questioned by Walks-in-the-Code, they gather all three of the sidereals still in the park as the two sidereals outside the park see pictures of giant beasts of steel and fire being torn apart leaving trails of smoke in the sky above the park." Once again you feel sleepy, slipping sideways into the world outside the teahouse.


Zaeth Zaeth

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