Alignment of the Stars

The Garou and the Kindred

Act 1: The Beginning; Chapter 2: A World Appart

The familiar scene shimmers before your eyes before solidifying into the teahouse in the sea of stars. “So many characters to introduce to the story, try to keep up,” the woman says as you gaze around almost resigned to your mechanical non-control ‘First we meet the FBI Special Operations and the FSB DSS, a lot of confusing acronyms and even more confusing people, our heroes try to help the FBI stop the chaos in ’The Central Park’ only to be abused and arrested, intercepted on route to what ever prison the FBI had in mind by the FSB who upon determining that the hero was not the creature they were looking for, left him without memory of the encounter to wander into the unfamiliar halls of a structure deep in a region he did not know.

Enter the Kindred, the bouncy, more than slightly insane girl, Samantha who gleefully declares that she has ‘found her moppet’ and that she knew he would be here, dragging our hero outside with surprising strength. Where he meets hunting companion, who seems more in control and sane than Samantha. Samantha’s insanity takes a hold of her a little stronger and she bites down, drinking up the lifeforce of the one calling himself Hunter Rose, giggling and acting the child as blood messily flows between and around her lips. Her companion attempts to erase the event of feeding from Hunter’s mind but can’t seem to make it stick, confused at both this and the fact that Hunter isn’t freaking the fuck out she decided he’s something that needs to be reported and shoves him in another moving box while Samantha crawls all over him. They are taken to a very large tower just south of the cordoned evacuation area. Where a fat guard sits on a polished marble floor and lets them up to the floors above via a hidden button. Arriving at the top of the structure Grendel, under his assumed name, meets with another Kindred, a larger gentleman who refers to the person they are going to meet as ‘the queen bitch’. Feeling the odd energies around him Grendel decides to activate his martial arts form, focusing his chi and slipping a half-step into the spirit realm and is shocked by what he sees, the two people he has been traveling with appear as a dead doll like creature and a dead creature with sunken eyes and a regal stance, and the man in front of him seems to be a large dead thing brimming with rage and hatred. He quickly drops his form, and the man at the big double doors stomps off to the box down, leaving him and the girls next to meet with the ‘queen’.
On the far side of the doors, the three enter a very long room, done up in a very rich decor in dark woods, blacks and golds, with a floor raised three steps up on the far end with a desk made of ebony woods with ivory and mother of pearl inlay. Behind the desk staring out a window that reaches wall to wall is a woman with dark hair and even darker eyes, the woman is wearing a style of outfit a level of status higher in this world than Grendel has seen before, and is clearly someone of great importance. After a brief conversation, Grendel and the woman retire to her quarters.

Meanwhile, under the ground in The Central Park, the rest of the heroes are reunited and introduced to the other Garou of Walks-in-the-Code’s pack, and in an attempt to assert dominance the Alpha wolf challenges Tepet Drak to a bout. To all of the wolves’ surprise he manages to handle himself quite well, earning the grudging respect of the alpha and the other two newly introduced packmates. Recovering from the fight the heroes stay the night at the Caern, for that is what they have learned this place of energy is called. In the morning Grendel, wearing new clothing tailored in the style of the fifth age finds his friends and they trade information about the goings on that have happened. As the sun sets and Grendel receives an communication he suggests to them that they return to the lodgings they had acquired before to pick up some stuff and get better situated. The heroes agree and head out to meet a long black car driven by the disconcertingly distant One, who brings them past the barricades with little fuss and straight to the Queen’s tower. Where after a small misunderstanding, involving the drinking of Grendel’s vitae, they have a brilliantly prepared meal that rivals and exceeds any that they have had before, and retire to amazingly lush accommodations within the structure, omnipresent maids attending their every need." The woman pauses and looks at you, “Sounds good doesn’t it, maybe you are hungry? I cannot say that my cooking is as good as the stories, but if you wait a moment, I will return with some repast.” She smiles softly and stands gracefully heading into the next room, as you fall sideways back into reality.


Zaeth Zaeth

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