Alignment of the Stars

The Timeline So Far

The History of the Fifth Age

December 21st 2010: The Tokyo Rift (Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Tokyo-to, Japan)- The Imperial Palace in Tokyo disappears from reality replaced by a rift of unexplained origin; Most of the Imperial Family missing or dead, including then Princess Masako Kotaishi Naruhito Shinnohi her husband the Crown Prince and much of the extended line of Imperial Japan.

April 3rd 2011: The Invasion of Central Park (Manhattan Central Park, New York City, New York, United States of America)- Alien invaders attack New York, prompting an evacuation of Manhattan Island, and the destruction of several US military vehicles; The island is blockaded by then Captain Jonathan Rimes of the 1-77th Armored with the attached FBI Special Operations Division. The US government declares a state of emergency.

June 21st 2011: The Shinjuku Catastrophe (Scramble Crossing, Shinjuku, Tokyo-to, Japan)- A localized earthquake destroys scramble crossing killing hundreds and destroying the storefronts of much of Shinjuku. The area is quickly quarantined, as close to the epicenter as possible and all residents evacuated from the quarantine. Japanese Government is slow to act on either of the devastated areas.

August 1st 2011: The Incident at Giza (The Great Pyramid, Giza, Giza Governorate, Egypt)- Many perish as the sphinx comes alive murdering onlookers, no one who was near the pyramid survived to tell what happened next but the pyramid burst into they sky seemingly made out of golden light, calmly rotating even as it was shelled by Egyptian artillery. Egypt is blockaded by nearby nations as the alien craft hovers untouched over the Egyptian desert, seeming to absorb light during the day and radiating as a second sun at night.

November 29th 2011: The Second Sun Dawns over Paris (The Louvre, Paris, Île-de-France, France)- In the middle of the night, the pyramid over Giza disappears from it’s spinning location over the ruins of the Giza plaza and appears over the Louvre hovering several hundred feet above the Pyramid Inverse, bathing Paris in a second dawn. The French government responds strongly as they quickly find out they have no chance against the alien invaders and retreat the entire population of Paris, all 2million plus inhabitants.

December 11th 2011: The December Ultimatum (UN Council Building, New York City, New York, United States of America)- During what was to be a routine discussion of the quarantine on Manhattan island, the Goddess Isis appeared, near naked before the assembled, along with her councilor Hunter Rose, making a declaration of Sovereignty of the Concordat over the entire world and setting forth guidelines for their new world order, giving the rest of the world two months to comply or face the wrath of the Concordat of Directions.

December 12th 2011: China Capitulates (Beijing, Beijing Municipality, China)- The Chinese Communist party declares the return of the gods as sign of the return of the divine mandate that confirms the legitimacy of the Communist Party. Quickly through special session signing into law the capitulation of China to the demands of the Concordat of Directions, causing a cascade of capitulations within South East Asia.

December 23rd 2011: France Goes Nuclear (Paris, Île-de-France, France)- France deploys nuclear artillery on it’s own soil in a world wide condemned gesture that doesn’t seem to dent the intended target. The NATO alliance deploys heavily around Paris, shooting down several objects that try to leave french airspace.

December 28th 2011: Project MAJESTIC Formed (Washington DC, United States of America)- In response to the growing alien threat the US government along with the Pentex corporation founds a new division of the US Army classified Project MAJESTIC using technology beyond anything fielded before, attempting to assure the populous that the US was more than capable of dealing with the invaders. Agent Vanessa Reins is promoted to lead the unit, having been testing the prototype of the armor that makes Project MAJESTIC a reality, and the now Lt. Colonel, Jonathan Rimes is put in charge of the armored division, including the new M1A3-M Abrams, using new directed energy weapons and railgun technology developed in cooperation with the Pentex Corporation and their ever more popular CEO Alyssa Oppenheimer.

January 1st 2012: The Empire of the Rising Sun (Tokyo, Japan)- On New Year day with the return of Masako Kotaishi Naruhito Shinnohi from ‘beyond the hedge’ as she put it, Japan declares itself the Empire of the Rising Sun and dissolves the Treaty of San Francisco, forcibly ejecting the US troops from the island and sealing it’s borders.

January 26th 2012: Terrorist Attack at the Dome of the Rock (Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel)- The alien terrorists attack the Dome of the Rock after declaring that they will strike down the false gods preventing people from understanding the place of the Concordat. The entire structure is leveled and the rock itself shattered and spread across the old temple mount. The US and NATO allies condemn the terrorism as the most terrible cultural loss since the 9/11 bombing.

January 31st 2012: The East Coast Goes Dark (Ravenswood Power Generation Facility, Near Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States of America)- A power surge from the Ravenswood Generation facility caused a cascade failure of several large power regulating facilities causing much of the East Coast to be thrown into blackout. Many locations were quickly restored but the US government confirms a terrorist attack occurred at the Ravenswood plant, leveling it. This is the first time that the alien terrorists have left the New York Quarantine and crossed the East river to attack other American Targets. Presidential hopeful Alyssa Oppenheimer who’s company Pentex owns TransCanada the company responsible for monitoring the plant has expressed her extreme concern over the escalation and held a candlelight vigil at the companies LA Headquarters for those employees lost in the violent attack, vowing a tougher stance on the Alien threat if she is elected.

February 3rd 2012: Baltimore Subway Bombing (Lexington Market Station, Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America)- A large explosive device was detonated in the crowded Metro station at Lexington Market. Sources say that it was an improvised explosive device filled with ball bearings for maximum soft tissue damage. Baltimore Police were delayed from getting to the scene by a systemic activation of local bank alarm systems. The local government is looking into claims that a group of heavily armed people was sighted at the scene supposedly with connections to the terrorist organization the Concordat of Directions.

February 4th 2012: DC under Siege (Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States of America)- In an overnight bloodbath 30 senators, congressmen and associated aides as well as members of key Washington organizations were murdered in cold blood along with at least 60 others left unnamed. The murders have been attributed to the terrorist organization the Concordat of Directions as attempt at a coup of the US government. Presidential hopeful Alyssa Oppenheimer went on record as saying that this level of terrorism cannot be allowed to continue and pleaded with the current administration to take more drastic measures concerning the safety of the US public, promising that she would take a hard-line stance against these terrorists if she is elected during the next election.

February 5th 2012: Project MAJESTIC Initiative AR724 (Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States of America)- Under executive order AR724 issued today by the President of the United States, Project MAJESTIC was activated in full, with the deployment of the experimental command base MAJESTIC Command to the airspace over DC and the lock down the city under martial law enforced by the same division.

February 11th 2012: The Ultimatum Comes Due (Beijing, Beijing Municipality, China)- The Concordat of Directions by worldwide broadcast by Isis, declares the formation of New China under the protection of the Concordat of Directions, suggesting that all hostile actions, including the continued blockade of any member state would be considered an act of war and be responded to thusly. Nations nearby China expressed concern at the mobilization of large numbers of Chinese troops near their borders. The US government currently paralyzed by the Siege of DC responded with it’s NATO allies and Russia stated that they will defend any and all countries from the alien invaders.

March 11th 2012: The New Chinese Aggression (Ulaanbaishint Check Point, Russian Boarder, Russia)- The New Chinese Government crosses into Russia sparking active war along Russia’s boarder with what was formerly Mongolia. Civilian causalities are reported as being intolerably high with Russia accusing New China of targeting civilian targets. Russia mobilizes forces to combat the invaders calling on it’s allies to support them against the alien threat.

March 20th 2012: World Wide Geodisturbances (Various)- Over 60 minor earthquakes were reported around the world, which coincided with a mass die off of insect and plant life in seemingly random locations throughout the world. Scientists are unable to account for the seemingly arbitrary nature of the earthquakes and were quick to remind people that shifting earth is completely normal especially in such low tremor ranges.


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