Alignment of the Stars

Through the Rabbit Hole

Act 1: The Beginning; Interlude: Dreams within Dreams

Time seems to fall apart around you as the world of sleep shatters and reforms to the tea house floating in the endless starry space. The woman begins without preamble as you pickup a cup of the indescribable tea almost resigned to the series of events.

“Down the Rabbit Hole, Alice chased the white rabbit, through time as it skipped by fractured and erratic as it had become. To a battle field our heroes had already been on high above the earth on ships of steel and magic mounted with fantastical weapons beyond the capabilities of the second age to create. They were all there, the woman in red with her army of Drakes and a lance of red and gold that resonated deeply with the gem against her breast, the woman in blue seemingly in charge of the ships they were on, men waiting on her orders, below them the woman in pink and her Gigas, giant biological constructs, walking weapons of war, the woman in black and her artillery and armor, giant weapons of ancient lost technology, even the woman in green at the front of the more mortal troops rallying them to greatness alongside two others, animas of gold. Aligning themselves against a moving sand dune, the Juggernaut of Sand Undying, a primordials terrestrial form, thousands of souls bound together in an impossibly large creature of sand and wood. And then the battle began, the giant mechanized constructs and the flying ships cannons tearing into the monstrous creature with little to no effect, sand being blown away from underlying wood just to be filled back in with sand within fractions of moments. The woman in red lead her mounted troops on a charge towards the creature’s apparent head, great red lance pointed to pierce, great flaming dragon between her legs. She crashed through the creature and into paradise, sand and sea and simple perfection, not fooled by the projection she slammed her lance into the ground, as the woman in blue shifted her attack line to encircle the beast. The paradise lit on fire around the edges loosing coherence, seeing the illusion falter she slammed her weapon into the ground again, shattering it into thousand of little shards of jade and falling out the bottom of the creatures head, leaving behind her companion the gem heavy on her chest at the loss. Now aflame from within the monster doubled it’s rage, spewing little wooden constructs which covered themselves in sand in odd mockeries of humanity. At this time the giant maw of the creature swallowed up one of their number, the man with the eagle aura, everything seemed lost, most of the armada was either downed or incapable of continuing the battle, the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of troops was numbering closer to tens of thousands, most of the Gigas were destroyed and or functioning improperly, the giant cannons silent, clogged with sand their operators fighting for their lives. Just as all hope began to fade, a bright white light burst from within the creature, consuming the creature’s head and revealing the man with the eagle anima, saving the day against all odds, The First Hero.

Time moves again shifting quickly away to the streets of a city they don’t recognize, once again they are all there, all five of the princesses, bound by strings of fate forward and back in time. They attend a meeting in the Court of the Six Kingdoms, discussing the growing offensive verse the fairfolk, a reclamation project bent on expanding the Kingdoms deeper into the wyld. The woman in red trys to explain her memories of the future to warn of the impending doom but no one of the princesses seems to believe her. Although the woman in blue notices the man with the eagle aura becomes distracted after the description of the shadow dogs, and he does take the sighting seriously dismissing all the lesser advisers to council in private with his princesses on the topic of where, when and how many of the beast the woman in red has apparently seen, dispatching his assistant to gather men with spirit sight capability to do a full search for these creatures. Everyone leaves except for the woman in red and the woman in blue, they stay to discuss matters more, having determined that both of them are currently dreaming, and both have memories beyond the current time scale. Upon leaving the study room the woman in red notices that the assistant to Kaine is hanging around."

—To Be Continued


Zaeth Zaeth

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