Commander Vanessa Reins

Project MAJESTIC Team Leader


“Operational area secure”

Aspect: Mortal
Organization: FBI Special Operations; Project MAJESTIC (US Army)
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weapons: Heckler & Koch XM-8, EG-10 Personal Energy Sidearm
Armor: XA-9 Battlefield Augmentation Armor

Agent Vanessa Reins is a imposing woman standing just over 6 feet tall with fire red hair in an ostentatious style for an agent of the FBI. In the field she wears the prototype XA-9 battlefield augmentation armoring with integral kinetic dampener, the armor gives her superhuman strength and agility, assisting her in her hunt for supernatural threats to humanity. Her weapon of choice is the prototype H&K XM-8 modular weapon system, allowing for her to customize her weapon on site to the situation at hand. Recently she has been seen equipt with the new EG-10 Personal Energy Sidearm as her backup weapon, a plasma discharge weapon developed in association with the Pentex Corporation.


Not much information is available on Special Agent Vanessa Reins, her father was Virgina Senator Eric Reins, who was found murdered with his wife in his home when Vanessa was just a child. She was a ward of the state since then, having no blood relatives. All that is really known is that Agent Reins is a devout believer that the Special Operations division is the last line of defense against the terror of supernatural creatures and won’t hesitate to destroy anyone she thinks is one of these creatures, having on several occasions almost caused an incident by attacking non-combatants, but there can be no doubt about her dedication.

Recently the reveal of Project MAJESTIC by the US government made a big display of the XA-9 battlefield armor which they said they were commissioning for unit use, and promoting from outside the US army, Agent Reins to command the unit, declaring it the next step in supernatural defense and commending Pentex for developing the technology to help defend the United States against the next generation of combatants.

Since Executive Order AR724, Vanessa has controlled almost the entire armed forces of the United States of America, as acting Commander. She has sealed Washington DC as the alien influence is purged from the government.

Commander Vanessa Reins

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