Agent Sam West

Project MAJESTIC Squad Leader


“Engaging Target.”

Aspect: Mortal
Organization: FBI Special Operations; Project MAJESTIC
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weapons: FN P90, FN Five-SeveN

Agent West is a Caucasian male of muscular build with military short black hair and brown eyes. He can usually be found wearing the XA-9 Battlefield Defense System with custom calibrated Kinetic Dampeners designated the XA-9K. His weapons of choice are the uniquely chambered 5.7×28mm FN P90 bullpup with reflex sight and infrared illumination, and the FN Five-seveN the hand gun variant for the 5.7×28mm cartridge, he carries a silencer for both under permit from the US government.


Agent West is a long time member of the Special Operations team, having had his first encounter with the supernatural while in Desert Storm, he and his squad encountered a werewolf that was fighting some of the oil well workers, while the delirium took his friends driving them to believe they were going crazy, he knows he wasn’t seeing things and was recruited by Special Operations in 1992 as a combatant in the war against the supernatural.

Promoted to a command position alongside Agent Reins in the newly formed Project MAJESTIC unit of the US Army and issued a XA-9 Battlefield Defense System.

Killed by Reaper of Souls in Washington DC

Agent Sam West

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