Director Alex Wright

Project MAJESTIC Infiltration Specialist


“Target in sights.”

Aspect: Mortal
Organization: FBI Special Operations; Project MAJESTIC
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weapons: .50 Barrett M82A2, .50AE AMT AutoMag V, CG-55 Personal Gauss Rifle
Armor: XA-9S BDS-Stealth Variant

Agent Wright is a well-fit woman of average height and slightly muscular build, she has auburn brown hair and blue eyes and can usually be found wearing a custom version of the XA-9 Battlefield Defense System designated XA-9S with active camouflage and heat dampening systems. Her weapons of choice are the .50 M82A2 stripped of all unnecessary parts and constructed of specialized composite core, modified with a bipod mount and a composite laser/optical scope, and a AMT AutoMag V chambered in .50 Auto Express which she has personally machined for reduced weight and recoil.
She has recently been sighted with the newly issued CG-55 Personal Gauss Rifle developed in cooperation with the Pentex corporation, which fires 5mm caseless solid form ammunition at extreme ranges.


Agent Wright is new to the Special Operations team, but during her last mission for the LAPD SWAT she had a dangerous encounter with a rogue vampire, who took her entire clip of sniper rounds and five more from her side arm before he reached final death, although it’s likely the monster was dead before that, the terror of the realization that these monsters are real has hardened her resolve to protect normal humans from these creatures.

Promoted to a command position alongside Agent Reins in the newly formed Project MAJESTIC unit of the US Army and issued a XA-9 Battlefield Defense System specially designed for covert operations.

With Project MAJESTIC basically running the government of the United States under executive order AR724, Agent Wright has taken over most of the clandestine services, as acting director of both the FBI and the CIA, as she carefully purges the ranks of congress and the other agencies of Washington of the alien influence.

Director Alex Wright

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