Andrea Leonidov

ФСБ Special Operative


“What does this nation know of magic, they can barely stop drooling over their television.”

Aspect: Mage
Tradition: Order of Hermes
Organization: Федера́льная слу́жба безопа́сности Департамент сверхъестественных событий [Federal Security Service (FSB) Department of Supernatural Events (DSS)]
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weapons: MP-445 Варяг (.40S&W) x2 [Rune Etched]

Order of the Third Circle Andrea Leonidov of the FSB:DSS is a beautiful woman in a very worldly manner, and she uses this to it’s full advantage, rarely wearing more than she has to even into combat, sticking to an almost noir private eye getup, white over black. Her two MP-445 Варяг are etched end to end with ornate Ancient Greek lettering down to the smallest pin and the custom hand-load .40 S&W rounds she loads into them are similarly covered in what appear to be Ancient Latin.


Andrea Leonidov was recruited into the DSS by Natasha Pavlenko and learned most of her magical skills under her. The cell structure of the DSS means she has met very few of the other members and considers mundanes, especially those in the country she’s been assigned to, to be dumb sheep, incapable of understanding what is actually going on much less comprehending the place of magic in the world.

Andrea Leonidov

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