Angelo 'The Angel' Luna

Emotionless Empath


Path: Innocent
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: American (Hispanic)
Age: 29
Equipment: Beretta Px4 Storm .45 ACP w/ Laser Sight Underbarrel
Personality: Emotionless empath
Profession: Electrician in Arizona

Angelo Luna, callsign “The Angel”, is a unprepossessing Hispanic male of some 30 years, standing at 5’4" with olive skin and rough black hair. His gaze has been described as absent and his hands are clearly those of a tradesman, well worn and work-weary. When on the battlefield he mostly just trys to stay out of the way, wearing a worn Kevlar vest and wielding a custom Beretta Px4 Storm chambered in .45 ACP, which Miku made for him.

Spirit Form: An angel garbed in a fully covering robe of dark material, with silverline Abrahamic iconography, stands behind Angelo, wings slightly spread and hands turned up, the hood of the robe is up and cannot be seen under.


Angelo 'The Angel' Luna

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