Arif'aziz ibn Haqim



Aspect: Vampire
Bloodline: Assamite
Organization: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

Appearing as a well proportioned gentleman of Arabic decent, Arif’aziz is a very attractive man in a very scary sort of way, the way he holds himself clearly displays an understanding of the arts of combat in a graceful non-intrusive manner. He usually wears an almost uniform like Arabian inspired dark suit of leather armor with a black desert cloak and a white keffiyeh. Not far from him can usually be found his unusually large eagle pet Azrael.


Having awoken to the final days due to tampering of his sarcophagus which was resting in the Louvre, not much is known about the man calling himself Arif’aziz ibn Haqim the Hunter, other than his brief appearances to pose questions without answers to the Sidereal’s he mostly lets his influence known through Miss Fortune.

Recently entered into an informal alliance with the powers summoned to Black Tower through his envoy Miss Fortune and the Sister’s Four.

Arif'aziz ibn Haqim

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