Reiko Starfall

The Beast Princess


Aspect: Sidereal
Caste: Endings
Hair: Forest Green
Eyes: Deep Red with Black Ring
Gem: The Beast Emerald [Emerald Ring]
Artifact: Staff of Saturn [Starmetal/Green Jade/Moonsilver Naginata]
Fortress: Hallowed Tree
Capital: The City of Trees
Nation: Kingdom of Wood

Feral female, not bad looking if a little on the short side, a realm-birthed woman in a tight green kimono, holding a giant silver shafted Naginata etched with green jade in an intricate vine motif. Her hair is forest green and cropped close to her head. She is either very flat chested or tightly combat wrapped as only a slight budge at her chest confirms what her slight frame has told you about her gender. She has red eyes punctuated by a black circle around her iris.


Not a lot is currently known about the Beast Princess, having appeared in only a few flashbacks she seems to be the physically youngest of the Princesses and is apparently the daughter of Amaterasu and her heritage shows via her oddly colored eyes and hair. She is also apparently the daughter of the Lunar Tagun Sleeping-Bear, and is the only Princess currently known to be married, to her long time companion Sarah Starfall. The Beast Princess holds dominion over the Hallowed Tree, the City of Trees in which it resides and the entire Kingdom of Wood, as defined within the six kingdoms structure.

Reiko Starfall

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