Special Agent Mengyao Sun

CIA Operative


“When I strike, there is never failure.”

Codename: Black Tiger
Aspect: Mage
Tradition: Taoist Shaman
Organization: CIA Special Operations
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weapons: Master Spirit Summoner

Special Agent Mengyao Sun stands at 5’9" and is of native Chinese birth with well trimmed black hair and stylish facial hair. He is known to work mostly alone but has been assigned with Special Agent Yun Hon for a special mission. He doesn’t carry any visible weapons but is known to be a master of deception and martial arts. A master spirit summoner and Taoist practitioner, Black Tiger is capable of amplifying his perception with mobile air spirits, or empower his fighting technique with earth spirits, seeming to shrug off bullets without issue and return with a punch that shatters bone and earth alike. His skills are mostly limited to elemental spirits.


Not much concrete is known about the man who is codenamed, the Black Tiger, but people in the clandestine services tell tales of the Black Tiger striking down people without touching them and of documents disappearing from peoples hands without a trace. No one has ever gotten a good look at the Black Tiger, as he strikes and fades like a human shadow.

Special Agent Mengyao Sun

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