Bloody Maiden of Chains

Day Caste Abyssal


Aspect: Abyssal
Caste: Day
Hair: Black
Eyes: Azure Blue

Standing at 4’11" she couldn’t be more than nineteen years old physically, and even then she has a slight frame with only a girl’s young fat on her sides to give her much shape at all. She normally wears a simple almost transparent white silk draped across her chest, hooked to a thin silver-black chain around her neck, and a similarly simple white silk hanging back and front from a chain around her waist, sitting low on her lack of hips. The edges of her silks are embroidered with what appears to be fire-tongue in a thread that almost seems to shift as you look at it, forming different words. Her feet are unshod and you can see in the way she stands she is used to this being the norm. Despite looking so young, you can see a deep sadness, born of one who has lived to see too much, in her azure blue eyes. She wears her black hair long, often times held up by a pair of ivory and ebony hairpins of exceptional quality. She normally only wears a small amount of make-up, kohl perhaps around her eyes and a dash of red carmine on her lips, although it’s hard to tell if her lips aren’t always that red. The delicate makeup and stark red lips offset her moon-pale skin perfectly. She has a brand on her back just above the line of her silks that denotes her as property of Clan Isa of the Sands, a prominent slaving organization in the southern lands.


Not much has been gleaned about the entity calling herself the Bloody Maiden of Chains, although her destruction of a full circle of Sidereals with minimal effort has definitely got the attention of Yu-shan, and a full strike force was assembled for the attack at The Frozen Death, which resulted in the complete loss of the strike force, further cementing her power and threat in the eyes of Yu-shan. Speculation as to Bloody Maiden’s origin puts her as a player in the game of princesses and thrones, perhaps even at the center, as she holds the Crown of Glory, also known as the Crown of Lies in her possession and appears to be able to see and interact with the Gates, although some sort of geas prevents her from discussing almost anything having to do with the events current, to her obvious frustration.

Bloody Maiden of Chains

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