Lieutenant General Jonathan Rimes

Project MAJESTIC Armored Battalion Commander


“Lieutenant General Jonathan Rimes, Project MAJESTIC Battle Corp Commander”

Aspect: Mortal
Organization: US Military
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Weapons: M1A3-M

Lieutenant General Jonathan Rimes is the quintessential military man, standing just over 5’10" and with military trimmed black hair and strong green eyes. His build is understandably buff without being bulky, and he can usually be found in the newly manufactured XA-7M Mechanized Unit Uplink Suit and is known to be skilled with almost every standard military firearm but rarely carries more than his army issue sidearm, preferring mounted weaponry or the command chair on one of the newly released M1A3-M Abrams prototypes. He commands most of the occupying force of Project MAJESTIC including the full armored division, greatly expanded during the implementation of AR724, and a equally large armed forces division, including it’s own intel assets and heavy weapons support.


Lieutenant General Rimes is a lifelong military man, having spent his life defending his country, he was recalled to the training fields after his last active duty assignment in Afghanistan. He has a hard time believing that the FBI:SO and BOSS know what they are doing, and trusts that if his tanks couldn’t take out what ever is in central park no amount of paper pushers were going to be able to. He refused to advance his tanks after the loss of 4 of the newly upgraded M1A2-Es with only 6 shots fired between the 4, and complete loss of crews. He was holding the quarantine barrier at the bridges onto Manhattan island, awaiting the high mucky mucks to get their heads out of their asses and send him more troops when the December Ultimatum was issued.

During the recent events the US government has released the newly prototyped M1A3-Ms to the Captain, giving him a field promotion to Lt. Colonel in light of his experience with the current events, and promoting him to commander of the newly formed MAJESTIC Armored Battalion.

After Executive Order AR724 he was given a second field promotion to Lieutenant General and put in charge of the entire Project MAJESTIC Battle Corps, he is still unsure how he feels at the constitution that he swore to protect getting trampled so blatantly by ‘civilians’.

Lieutenant General Jonathan Rimes

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