Kim Ngyuen

Glasswalker Hacker


“If you flash the bios and quickly force a hardware detection you can easily bypass the entire encryption and just download the files directly from the physical disk.”

Deed Name: Walks-in-the-Code
Aspect: Garou
Tribe: Glasswalker
Caste: Ragabash
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Standing at just over 4’11" in her homid form, Walks-in-the-Code, known also by her human name Kim Nguyen, has straight black hair and brown eyes. She lacks the apparent physicality of most of the other Garou and is rather thin and appears weaker than human average. Isn’t known for her style and tends to wear what ever t-shirt/jean combo is the least dirty amongst those she owns.


A computer genius even before her induction into the Glasswalker tribe, Walks-in-the-Code earned her deed name well as she seems to easily walk through code that tangles up even the most well trained hackers of the human world. Has kept in pretty good contact with the team even after the overrun of the Central Park Cairn by agents of the weaver.

Kim Ngyuen

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