David Ninos

Anarch Leader


“Here to see the Queen Bitch?”

Aspect: Vampire
Bloodline: Brujah Anarch
Organization: New York Free State
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Weapons: .50AE Desert Eagle Mark XIX

David is a hispanic gentleman standing about 5’11" with black on black eyes, and dark black hair slicked back in a casual style. He usually can be seen sporting a black hoodie with an upsidedown skull on the back, the symbol of the Outcastes, and he wears a scarf which he can pull up over the bottom half of his face to conceal his identity. His weapon of choice is a blacked out custom Israeli made Desert Eagle MK XIX chambered in .50 Auto Express, and you better believe he’s wearing protection, a custom made Kevlar under-armor.

Spirit Form: Appears as an apish monstrous undead creature through spirit sight.


David was a New York Gangbanger, south-side Bronx, joined up with the Outcaste club when he was only 13, running drugs and girls out of the dilapidated warehouses that the Outcaste’s owned, by age 19 he was running all the girls in south Bronx and he caught the eye of a rival gang who in 1999 attempted to kill him in a drive by shooting, they claimed success and took over the Outcastes trade. Unknown to the gangmembers he had been found bleeding out in an alley by a passing Brujah Anarch who saw a kindred spirit in the strong willed and no nonsense David, who even while dying was conscious enough to spit insults at the trenchcoated man. The man turned him, introduced him to the New York Free State and promptly disappeared, leaving the newblood Brujah ironically the highest generation vampire in the group, using his leadership skills and gang connections David reclaimed his Outcaste position and strengthened the New York Free State into a force not to be messed with.

Recently joined the alliance formed at Black Tower much to his own displeasure.

David Ninos

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