Alexandra 'The Dragon' Dragomirov

Militant Loyal Soldier


“Get up, little man, the fighting has only just begun”

Path: Avenger
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Russian
Age: 42
Equipment: AK-12, OSV-96 AMR, VSS Vitorez, RPG-29 “Vampir”
Personality: Militant loyal soldier
Profession: Mercenary

Standing at a respectable 5’11" Alexandra Dragonmirov, callsign ‘The Dragon’, is a very buff woman of Russian descent, she rarely wears any armor beyond her trademark pink Kevlar padded bustier and Russian surplus camouflage pants with ceramic inserts. She usually wears modified LBE webbing where she keeps a large collection of high caliber ammunition, her weapon of choice is the AK-12, the newest weapon of the AK line, chambered in 5.45×39mm, but she has been known to be an accomplished sniper using the Russian made OSV-96 Anti-Material Rifle, chambered in the monstrous 12.7 × 108 mm, for hard target destruction and the integrally silenced VSS Vitorez in the smaller 9×39mm Subsonic, for soft targets. If rumors are to be believed she may have come into possession of some rocket propelled grenades, and is probably just crazy enough to use them.

Spirit Form: An angel with a great two-handed flaming sword and garbed with heavy ring mail both with Abrahamic iconography, seems to watch over Alexandra when viewed through spirit sight. The angel curls his wings slightly around Alexandra eyes and face turned down with the point of the sword turned downwards hovering slightly above the ground.


@SkyWalker231: Almost lost everyone to that bloodsucker last week, anyone available to help out near Phoenix?
@Drakon88: You pussy hunters call yourself warriors.
@SkyWalker231: Well not all of us can be as gun-ho as you, old lady.
@Drakon88: Would like to see you say that to my face, little man. Maybe when you grow a set of balls you won’t need to whine about your troubles and instead do something about them.

Alexandra 'The Dragon' Dragomirov

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