Jack Wilkes Oswald


John Doe, as he introduces himself, looks like the more average person in the room. At 5’ 7", average weight and build, if a little slight, with a normal complexion and a plain set of features, he’s the random face in the crowd. Dusty blond hair cut into a normal office cut, he always wears a office polo or golf shirt and a set of jeans or black slacks.


Jack is a product of his environment. The son of a wall street banker, Jack’s family was ruined by a combination of the stock market crash and his father boss blackmailing his silence regarding the firms illegal profiteering he had been unaware of but had signed off on. The same blackmail followed his father for years, driving him to suicide. With an education in computer engineering, he managed to break into the firms computers and retrieve the same evidence, and ruined the firms board of directors. Marketing himself as an information broker, he became adept at circumventing building security and computer systems. After 4 to 5 years of operations, he’d managed to make enough enemies that some hired guns were sent after him. Beyond incompent, they still nearly managed to kill Jack after tailing him to his home. Managing to overpower them, Jack enlisted the aid of Miss Fortune, who disposed of the corpses and provided Jack with some additional resources that he used to train himself in knife fighting and long ranged weaponry. Jack also became her tenant and de facto security specialist. Now that his repatoire included wet work, he found himself engaged with much shakier clients, but a life of constant betrayal and near paranoia have ensured he doesn’t agree to a contract he is uncomfortable with, and his near legendary unbreakable word has kept anyone else from attempting to permanently close his account.

Jack Wilkes Oswald

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