Avatar of Gaia Corrupted


Aspect: Infernal
Caste: Gaia <corrupted>
Gender: Androgonous Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pure Blind White

Standing at just over 4 feet tall it’s hard to determine Karma’s gender off hand, her small body is frozen in that time period before gender is knowable, with long ankle length black hair that falls over her blind white eyes and only a loose sheaf of black cloth pinned at the shoulder to cover her. Disconcerting would be an understatement even if it wasn’t for the fact that she is almost always carrying a giant 12 foot long blade of pure starmetal in one hand casually thrown over one shoulder like it’s nothing at all.


Karma seems the least friendly to the Sidereals, only restraining herself from ejecting them from the compound or worse because of her grudging respect for Amaterasu. It is currently unknown why this is the case or what specific grudge she holds against the Sidereals.


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