Her Grace Catherine Sarah Valentine 'The Knight' Percy

Sheltered Debutant


Path: Defender
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: British
Age: 29
Equipment: Silvered Bastard Sword, .50 Cal Desert Eagle
Personality: Sheltered debutant
Profession: British Dutchess, Gunsmith

Standing at 5’4" Her Grace Catherine Sarah Valentine Percy, Dutchess of Northumberland, better known by her callsign “The Knight”, is a woman of british decent with blond hair and blue eyes and a well trained and muscular physique. She usually prefers a silvered one and a half hand sword stylized as a Protestant cross, and is known to use a heavily modified Israeli-made Desert Eagle XIX chambered in .50 Action Express. She uses special hand-load rounds with blessed silver bullets.

Spirit Form: Through spirit sight she seems to be guarded by a spread winged angel garbed in full medieval plate with Abrahamic iconography, arms spread rising into the air behind her, a kite shield with the crest of Northumberland in one hand, and a bastard sword in the other, the angel appears to be looking up at some unknown power.


The daughter of the late Lord Ralph Percy, the 12th Duke of Northumberland she currently holds the Dutchy of Northumberland as the 13th Dutchess of Northumberland after the vicious murder of her parents and younger brother. A skilled gunsmith by trade.

Her Grace Catherine Sarah Valentine 'The Knight' Percy

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