Marie Luti

New Born Hunter


Aspect: Hunter
Path: Redeemer
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown-Black
Eyes: Green-Yellow
Nationality: Italian
Age: 24
Profession: Clothing Designer

Marie is a very attractive woman, she has lovely dark brown hair bordering on black, messy but stylish, and green-yellow eyes that are extremely striking. Recently she has begun to wear more of her style again, a collection of daringly cut floral prints.


Marie Luti (Mar-e-eh) came to Paris from Sicily when she was 18 to pursue a career in couture, having already been an accomplished seamstress and designer in her home town she thought it would be easy to break into the world of Parisian couture. She was sadly wrong, and months of laboring under men with half her skill, turned into years. She felt like she was falling apart, until she met Fran├žois Villon at a club one night, she doesn’t remember much about the encounter, she doesn’t remember much about any of her encounters with Mr. Villon, but her luck changed that night and her first spring line is going to hit the runway next year with great fanfare.

On November 29th when the sun rose twice over Paris, something reached deep inside Marie and awoke something she had always known deep in her heart, the world was full of monsters, and it was her place to save as many of them as she could. Now she sees the monsters she can’t help but feel that they don’t know the pain they are suffering from.

Marie Luti

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