Head Maid


“Yes, Mistress”

Aspect: Ghoul
Patron: Victoria Black
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Weapons: Glock 41 Gen4 (.45ACP)

One is a oddly distant woman of small stature, standing at just under 5’ tall with midnight black hair and unnaturally red eyes. She can almost always be found wearing a classic Victorian era dress in black with a maid’s frock. Somewhere in her outfit can usually be found her Glock 41 Generation 4 chambered in .45 Automatic Colt Pistol, and a pair of silvered knives, although it’s kinda hard to tell where she puts these as they appear out of seemingly nowhere when needed.


One came into Victoria’s service in 1856, and is the oldest currently surviving ghoul under Victoria’s service, having been imported into her service from Japan during the early days of the end of isolationism. One has developed many skills over the 155 years she has served Victoria, being skilled at everything that could be needed from a servant from sewing to forgery; cooking to knife combat; driving to marksmanship. No one is sure what One’s original name is, she apparently hasn’t used it in over a hundred years.


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