Sochiro Ito

Princess of Earth


Aspect: Sidereal
Caste: Secrets
Hair: Light Pink
Eyes: Blue
Gem: Earth’s Core [Topaz Comb]
Artifact: Shield of Jupiter [Starmetal/Oricalcum Bladed Fans]
Fortress: Net of Stars
Capital: White Stone
Nation: Kingdom of Earth

A very short woman wearing a pink and white kimono with a sakura petal motif, her eyes are a very intelligent blue and her body and face slightly on the childish side. She wears a pastel green obi and has her light pink hair tied up in a complex bun, held up by a golden comb imbedded with a beautiful amber gem. She has a pair of women’s fans at her hip beautifully ornate pieces made of Oricalcum and Starmetal.


Not much is known about the Princess of Earth as currently even though her appearance in flashbacks has become more of a regular occurrence. From what has been observed she seems to be the youngest or second youngest member of the Princesses, and an accomplished mage and master of the genesis craft, having created a biological weapon called Gigas. She holds the title of Princess of Earth, giving her dominion over the Net of Stars, the City of White Stone in which it stands and the entire Kingdom of Earth by mandate of Kaine, the Emperor of the Six Kingdoms. During the flashback conserning the destruction of White Stone, the Sidereals were able to rewrite history saving almost the entire populous of the city while losing only around 30% of the actually city structure in the fighting, this is the first time history has deviated so extensively from the memories of Aisha Flameheart.

Sochiro Ito

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