Aisha Flameheart

Princess of Fire


“The balance of forces may be in their favor, but they underestimate the tenacity of the Exalted.”

Aspect: Sidereal
Caste: Serenity
Hair: Red-Blond
Eyes: Light Red
Gem: The Heart of Fire [Ruby Necklace]
Artifact: Lance of Venus [Currently destroyed and reforged as fighting gauntlets]
Fortress: The Tactician’s Pyramid
Capital: Crystal Fire
Nation: Kingdom of Fire

Serious looking woman with long red-blond hair left loose to flow down the back of her large red and gold dress, she seems to be carrying no obvious weapons but she looks none the less fierce for it, her red eyed gaze piercing anyone who looks at her. Her dress is petticoated and layered and has a bodiced white top to it that accents her body flatteringly. She has the most humongous red ruby you have ever seen hanging from a golden chain around her neck, flawless in both cut and clarity it is almost as if you can see a passionate flame burning from within it.


What little information that has been gleaned so far about Aisha Flameheart mostly centers around her brilliance as a military tactician, having written the book, Advanced Three Dimensional Combat by Aerial Units as it Pertains to the Suppression of Primordial Behemoths, which has survived to the second age. Also it can be determined that she once was the Princess of Fire, with dominion over the Tactician’s Pyramid, the city of Crystal Fire over which it was built, and the entire nation of Fire as gifted by Kaine, the Emperor of the Six Kingdoms, until it’s destruction at the hands of the unknown entity controlling the beasts of Shadow and Iron.


Aisha Flameheart

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