Princess of Steel


“The System should be able to stand the power load without any modifications.”

Aspect: Sidereal
Caste: Battles
Hair: Black
Eyes: Steel
Gem: The Steel Teardrop [Black Pearl Earring]
Artifact: Hammer of Mars [Starmetal/Black Jade/Gravity Crystal Grand Goremaul]
Fortress: The Dark Forge
Capital: Forge
Nation: Kingdom of Steel

Standing at average height the Princess of Steel is known only by her moniker ‘Erin’. She can normally be found with her glasses on poking at some tech or another in a simple white and black dress with a blacksmiths apron, or suited up in her Super Heavy Plate wielding her giant hammer mounted with a truly impressively large gravity pearl in the middle. Erin is the least feminine of the Princesses rarely wearing any jewelery other than the single large black pearl earring she always wears.


Even after the events of recent, not much is known about the entity ‘Erin’ although a look at her combat forces suggests she is most comfortable with Magitech enhanced troops, and overwhelming defenses. She holds the title of Princess of Steel, giving her dominion over the Dark Forge, the City of Forge in which it stands and the entire Kingdom of Steel.

Owns the Royal Warstrider Stargod and it’s Animating Intelligence Rhia.


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