Special Agent Zhu Long

Operations Liaison for China


“Please be more careful with the issued gear, it’s not easy to get here.”

Codename: Red Dragon
Aspect: Mortal
Organization: CIA Special Operations
Gender: Female
Hair: Vermillion
Eyes: Blue
Weapons: Luger P08 Parabellum

Standing at 5’2" Zhu Long is an absolute stunner, although she seems completely oblivious to this fact to a point of fault. She can usually be found wearing any of a number of flashy qipao, which she tailors herself. She rarely takes to the field but when she does she can be found wielding a pair of heavily modified Luger P08s chambered in 9×19 mm Parabellum, and equip with advanced optics and integrated silencing, she is also known to be one of the CIAs most skilled martial artists, bordering on supernatural.


Zhu Long is the contact point for most of the CIA agents within China, working out of a tea house, the Red Dragon Inn, which she runs in the upscale Gongti Xilu area of Beijing. Her real skills lie in her ability to get almost anything needed for her operatives, from explosives and guns, to a date to an official event complete with convincing cover IDs. Her complete and utter obliviousness to her own attractiveness has caused many problems amongst clientele and agents alike, and almost got her reassigned, but her contacts in New China are just too important now that the alien force has taken over.

Special Agent Zhu Long

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