Fionna Blair

Child of Gaia Philodox


“Bás ar an wyrm.”

Deed Name: Slays-the-Spiral
Aspect: Garou
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Caste: Philodox
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Weapons: ‘Lá Bás’ Klaive

Fionna is a beautiful and mysterious woman standing at 5’4" with fire red hair and forest green eyes. Tribal tattoos cover a good portion of visible skin and she is of very muscular build with amble feminine assets. She is commonly garbed anachronistically in light armor, in a pre-Christian Gallic style, the tattooed skin of a wolf across her shoulders, proof of her prowess in battle. Her weapon of choice is the Klaive ‘Lá Bás’ or Death Day, a slightly curved klaive of pure silver imbued with a spirit of war and fire and measuring at around four and a half feet in length.


Fionna Blair is a childe of another time, more comfortable with a druidic coven than with the gadgets and wizardry of the modern age. Filling the role of Judicator within her pack, keen and strong but just and fair. She speaks mostly in Gallic preferring that language to the more common Irish or English.

Fionna Blair

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