Victoria Black

Baroness of Manhattan


Aspect: Vampire
Bloodline: Ventrue
Gender: Female
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Black

“One, recheck the numbers from last month, I’m seeing some discrepancies in the number of kindred declared and kindred observed. We might have a rogue kindred or a kindred turning without permission.”

Standing at 5’6" Victoria Black cuts and imposing figure for such an average sized woman, most people would say it’s her eyes, which are piercingly black, her gaze seeming to gaze through people and figure the truth of things. She usually sports her dark brown hair in a simple no-nonsense business style and wears designer women’s suits on most occasions.


Turned in 1739, she found herself unsatisfied with the prospect of living in London with all the ‘old blood’ vampires who considered themselves so much more than her, and made arrangements to move herself to the new world in 1774 just months before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, this bloody period of time allowed her ample opportunity to bring her skills to bear, discretely supporting the new rebel army and betting on their win, this paid off big after the war leaving her in a prime position to seize control of the then recovering New York. As the Baroness of Manhattan, and defacto Prince of New York, although no title currently exists as New York is divided heavily amongst the different factions, she holds amazing power for someone of her age. Before Manhattan was abandoned it was one of the central focus points of power in the United States, and was a battleground for all three factions of Kindred. Victoria is a no-nonsense kind of leader, using her cunning and connections to their full power to get done what needs to be done, within her own set of inscrutable rules.

Victoria Black

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