Character Creation

Character Creation
Please create your character as a starting sidereal, Exaltation will not be too far into the game.

There are a few rules for character creation you should be aware of, since you are starting as heroic mortals some backgrounds will be unavailable or delayed until your Exaltation.

Special Backgrounds
Celestial Manse- You receive one free dot of this at character creation, which may be added to via background or bonus points, this represents your wing of the Department of Oversight’s main manse. You may take other instances of this background to represent privately owned manses within Yu-shan
Salary- This will be set to 2 dots for free and cannot be raised higher at character creation

Available Backgrounds
Artifact- Manifests as a Exceptional item appropriate to the artifact before Exaltation (Eg. A Artifact Dai-Klaive would start your character with an Exceptional sword of appropriate form)
Familiar- Functions as normal
Manse- Please consider using Celestial Manse instead as a form of inheritance from your last exaltation, although I will allow Manse to be taken understand that you might have a period of time where you will not have access to your stone or hearthroom.
Mentor- Cost double the points as per the normal Mentor Sidereal background. Please consider Sifu for martial arts training instead of Mentor and understand that most Sidereals have Mentor built in with the other Sidereal Exalted in Heaven
Acquaintances- Functions as normal
Savant- Functions as normal
Sifu- Functions as normal

Disallowed Backgrounds
Allies- Not thematically appropriate to the character based focus of the game
Backing- This background would be shattered during the Exaltation to Sidereal thus is not appropriate although all of the character are assumed to have the backing of their hometown on the journey to see the oracle.
Resources- This Background is inappropriate to begin the story with as your Exaltation will wipe out your records
Connections- This background is thematically inappropriate at character creation as you will be new players in the halls of Yu-shan

Character Creation

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