Goddess of the Sun


“I believe that I am the Last of the Fairfolk, the others destroyed when this age burst into being”

Aspect: Fairfolk
Gender: Female (Ostensibly)
Caste: Courtier (Diplomat/Entertainer)
Hair: Black-Red
Eyes: Three part Magatama Patterned Red and Black

The huge old style court red and gold kimono hides Amaterasu’s true height and build but can’t hide the fact that her skin almost glows through beautiful near-translucent skin. With striking eyes of red with a three part ying yang in black in the iris, framed neatly with matching black hair streaked with red, with a giant disk of gold floating behind her perfectly framing her head with it’s painted on lips and delicate makeup.


Through conversations with the fair-folk entity known as Amaterasu, several interesting facts about her have become known, the most interesting of which is that she was around during the era of the Six Kingdoms and was actually the mother of Reiko Starfall, the Beast Princess, explaining the fae-touched blood that, that princess exhibits. She also claims to be the ‘sister’ of the third-age echo Susano-o, although exactly what this means is up for debate. She seems integrally connected to the artifacts collectively known as the Imperial Regalia of Japan, the sword Kusanagi no Tsurugi, a blade of shimmering gossamer with the ability to hearten even the most craven of hearts, the mirror Yata no Kagami, with the ability to bring to light any illusion and to bring to control even the most intemperate of personalities, and the bead Yasakani no Magatama, with all the authority of Amaterasu and power to bring warmth to even the most flinty of hearts.

Recently she has been exploring the newly created Changlings as a possible continuation of her own kind, that somewhere beyond this hedge they keep speaking of there must be other Fae, albeit severely weakened and nearly destroyed by the sudden appearance of the 5th age. This has taken her away from her freehold in the center of Tokyo more and more often.


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