Alyssa Oppenheimer

Chief Executive Officer Pentex, Presidential Hopeful


“We cannot let these terrorists dictate what we can or cannot do, it is time for the United States of America to stand up and show these fear mongers why we are the defenders of Freedom worldwide.”

Aspect: Unknown
Faction: The Wyrm
Organization: Pentex
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

Standing at 5’9" Alyssa Oppenheimer has fashionable long black hair and dark almost black eyes, set in an almost perfect but down to earth beautiful face. She tends to wear upscale business casual clothing, shying away from more formal attire and usually stays away from gaudy jewelry or accessories, keeping it simple and elegant without flaunting wealth.


It is clear that this presidential candidate from LA is anything but normal, having held off an assault from Reaper of Souls in what appeared to be a stare down. People are already predicting a landslide victory for her in the 2012 presidential race, despite the fact she is running as an independent. Although independent of a party, she is backed by one of the worlds largest corporations, Pentex.

Recently her company and it’s many subsidiaties have been the main backers of Project MAJESTIC’s modernization of the US military to deal with the new alien threat. Oppenheimer has been a strong supporter of American freedom since the beginning of this invasion and continues to be one of the strongest anti-concordat speakers in the world.

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The Woman in Black
Aspect: Primordial
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Color: Black
Outfit: Most commonly black dresses of any style, but mostly in a suggestive or seductive style.

1st Age

The Dragon < Soul of Destruction >
Aspect: Prime Soul
Gender: Female
Appearance: The Dragon usually manifests as either a beautiful temptress of a woman in dark clothing made of living shadows or as a giant winged western style dragon made of pure wispy shadow.
The Dragon is the manifestation of the destructive nature of Kaine, that which he must constantly fight in his quest to be the perfect hero. This totally destructive side of Kaine is the one he despises within himself, it goes against everything it is to be a hero but he also recognizes that without The Dragon, the Hero has nothing to fight worthy of his notice.

5th Age

The Wyrm < Soul of Destruction >
After untold time in the nothing the Dragon has changed into the Wyrm, no longer content to repeat the cycle of the story, the Wyrm has gone insane destroying without thought to the story. Consuming everything is the Wyrm’s only thought now.

Alyssa Oppenheimer

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