Gustav 'The Old Man' Trent

Wise Warrior-Priest


Aspect: Hunter
Path: Judge
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: German
Age: 54
Equipment: Modified Ten Point Venom Crossbow w/ Collection of Trick Bolts, Silvered Claymore
Personality: Wise warrior-priest
Profession: Professor at Oxford University

Standing at 5’8" Gustav, callsign “The Old Man”, is a very suave looking man of later years, at least for a hunter, his hair gone grey with years of the hunt. Healed wounds across his face speak of battles past. His eyes are strong and stoic blue, his face grim with the truth of his convictions. His weapons of choice are a large two-handed silvered sword with a cross hilt motif, and a modern Ten-Point Venom hunting crossbow with specialized bolts. He can usually be found wearing his specially armored trench-coat, a la the most famous hunter of legend, Van Hellsing.

Spirit Form: Behind Gustav stands a large angel in an adjudicator robe, rich with gold Abrahamic iconography when viewed through spirit sight. The angel holds a silver scale in an outstretched arm and has his wings pulled back and gaze firmly forward.


Gustav 'The Old Man' Trent

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