Goddess of Magic


Aspect: Lunar
Caste: No Moon
Spirit Shape: Ibis
Tell: Feathers in her Hair
Hair: Black/Silver-Blue Feathers
Eyes: Silver-Blue

A shapely woman of clearly southern decent with deep tanned skin and a lovely figure accented perfectly with a shear dress of perfect blue silks threaded through with shimmering silver threads, a heavy silver ankh nested in the cleft of her chest. Her eyes a calming silver-blue like the far away sky set in a well proportioned face and framed by shoulder length black hair with silver-blue feathers sprouting from it at random.


For the few conversations with Isis that the agents of heaven have had she appears to be the most level-headed and rational of the awakened, she also has a distinctly difficult relationship with Ra, clearly in love with who he used to be and equally concerned with what he has become. She has also admitted to being the basis for the 5th Age legend of Isis, having been awake near that period of time and having observed the odd ripple personally.


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