Lady Alyessa D' Arbanville

Baroness of Île de la Cité, The Lady of Notre-Dame


“Have faith, young one, the Beast is not an unconquerable monster.”

Aspect: Vampire
Bloodline: Gangrel
Organization: Camarilla
Gender: Female
Hair: White-Gold
Eyes: Red

Spirit Form: Appears as an indescribably beautiful angelic woman made of alabaster or marble, she doesn’t appear to have any of the rot or undead appearance of any of the other vampires and the only real oddity is her bright red eyes.


Lady Alyessa D’Arbanville is of indeterminate age, there are many conflicting reports of her origins, but most can agree she was at least a titled lady at once point in her existence although they cannot agree if she was already a vampire or not. Most vampires stay away from the Lady of Notre-Dame, she is quite insane they say, she claims to have discovered the path to Vampire redemption, the legendary state of Golconda. She still holds the most power within the district of Île de la Cité, where Notre-Dame is located that she is considered the Baroness of the region, but she has very few vampires under her control and most stay away from the island completely.

Managed to escape to the catacombs below Notre Dame after the sudden appearance of the Temple of the Sun.

Lady Alyessa D' Arbanville

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