The First Hero, Emperor of the Six Kingdoms


Aspect: Solar
Caste: Eclipse
Hair: Golden
Eyes: Sapphire

“My Queen, I shall defend you to the last breath.”

Kaine is an extremely charismatic man in his early 20s with golden hair and sapphire eyes to match his queen’s wearing a striking but functional black leather combat outfit when on the battlefield, and a soldiers white garb off the field, and wielding a sword seemingly carved from a single shard of flawless adamant. Not much is known about Kaine outside of what has been observed by our heroes, something has completely purged Kaine from the records of heaven because in time directly after the primordial war he definitely has records in heaven, all of them overwhelmingly positive.

All of his actions are that of a hero who likes to lead from the front, he is always doing the impossible, fighting odds that are just ludicrous to save even one person. He never seems to lose and when the odds are at the worst he’s at his best.


Kaine < The Dreamer >
Aspect: Primordial
Gender: Male
Hair: Golden
Eyes: Sapphire
Color: Opalescence
Outfit: Most commonly a black leather combat outfit that is both functional and quite striking
Focus: Kaine’s existence is devoted to the story, the story of the first hero repeating over and over in the countless epic tales. The constantly repeating story of evil being defeated by good, but with the twist that he is technically both the good and evil, for one cannot exist without the other.

1st Age

The Hero < Soul of Power >
Aspect: Prime Soul
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kaine usually adopts the guise of his Hero soul as this as close to his pre-primordial fae self as exists within his structure, a regal man in his 20s with Golden hair and Sapphire eyes.
The Endless strength of the hero defeats darkness and brings light where ever it goes it is the center of the story. There is no one else that can defeat the horrors that it faces, even if the horrors are created by the same being, it is the Hero’s purpose to provide the peace that the Emperor needs to create the perfect kingdom.

5th Age

The Wyld < Soul of Power >
The Hero was betrayed, his power sealed away like the monsters he fought to save the world from, by his own queen, this betrayal has warped the Hero into the Wyld an uncontainable force of pure chaos, closer to the origin of Kaine himself. The story shattered the Hero now doesn’t have guidance, he creates and destroys seemingly at random, fighting both the Wyrm and the Weaver for a return to pure chaos where perhaps the story can be started again where it first began.


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