Princess of Light


“We will stand against you, to the last man. You shall not escape our Justice.”

Aspect: Solar
Caste: Night
Hair: Pale Blond
Eyes: Deep Azure Blue
Gem: Crown of Glory/Lies [Diamond Crown]
Artifact: Heaven’s Blade [Oricalcum/Starmetal Daiklaive]
Fortress: Palace Immortal
Capital: Central
Nation: Kingdom of Light

Chikane is a preternatural beauty with long pale blond hair, crowned elegantly by a silver tiara with the finest white diamonds you have ever seen, and deep azure eyes, and skin so pale it almost glows in even candlelight. She usually wears and elegant and long white dress edged in gold and blue, and is armed at all times with an ornate but perfectly functional daiklaive, Starmetal edged in Oricalcum inlaid with a perfect red pearl of extraordinary size in the guard, the fabled Heaven’s Blade, a weapon supposedly forged by the Unconquered Sun himself to slay the primordials.


Through contact with Chikane, it is apparent that she is very much in love with Kaine and the feeling seems mutual, although they are both very active and very powerful people, with Kaine the Emperor of the Six Kingdoms and Chikane his Queen, officially the Princess of Light, ruling over the Palace Immortal, the City of Central in which it resides and the Kingdom of Light in whole, alongside Kaine. She seems to be a very strong willed woman, even sacrificing herself in overwhelming pain to do what she thought was necessary to save her kingdom. Chikane has a purity of heart that is very rare, and will always try to find the good in someone before the bad.


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