Lina Wavecrest

Princess of Water


“What good is life, if you aren’t having fun living it?”

Aspect: Sidereal
Caste: Journeys
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Pale Green
Gem: Sea’s Bounty [Sapphire Bracelet]
Artifact: Breath of Mercury [Starmetal/Blue Jade Alchemical Rifle] Muma & Tenshi [Alchemical Flame Pistols]
Fortress: The Cloud Fortress
Capital: Shining Star
Nation: Kingdom of Water

Perky looking woman with long blond hair pulled up into ponytails to keep it out of her face, light green eyes and a well proportioned face which seems eternally locked in a cocky grin. She wears a simple corsair’s shirt in light blue silk with a tight tanned leather bodice emphasizing her ample assets. She has on loose blue pantaloons held up by a loosely laying leather belt and high leather boots to match her bodice. Across her back is what appears to be a long firewand made of blue jade and starmetal to resemble a water dragon. She has a further pair of blue and black jade firepistols at her hip but neither so intricately designed.


By all accounts Lina has never acted her age, being one the physically oldest of the Sidereals within the princesses she tends to make rash decisions based on circumstantial evidence, and is well known as a wo/man-inizer extraordinaire, not that anyone she’s brought to her bed has ever complained. She holds the title of Princess of Water, giving her dominion over the Cloud Fortress, the City of Shinning Star in which it stands and the entire Kingdom of Water.

Lina Wavecrest

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