Amon Ra

God of the Sun



Aspect: Solar
Caste: Zenith
Gender: Male
Hair: Black, but Shaven
Eyes: Blind White, Sown Shut
Fortress: Pyramid of Light [Mobile Solar Manse]

Standing at a respectable height in life, it’s hard to tell exactly what Ra looks like under his mummy wrappings, what is obvious is he has a large golden Eye of Ra on a pendant around his neck and another on the palm of his right hand and that his body has atrophied to the point of apparent fragility, skinny and emaciated. His eyes and mouth are sown shut with blackened thread and the Zenith caste mark glows golden on his forehead at all times.


The Zenith Caste Solar known as Ra is the leader of the Concordat of Directions a 3rd age organization that came together to fight off the Beasts of Shadow and Steel during the last days of the 3rd Age. He appears to believe that the Sidereals abandoned them during the last days and his wife-sister Isis appears to both be in love with and deathly afraid of him. Ra appears to be a extremely powerful Solar circle sorcerer, using extremely powerful spells to sway the flow of combat. He appears to have no means of communication although his voice can easily be heard by those around him, and he appears to have no means of sight although he seems to know exactly what is going on around him. He uses an unknown method of levitation to move around as his body seems to lack the strength to walk on it’s own, a withered husk of a person rather than a complete human. His main base is a floating golden manse formed from what was once the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Recently Ra has been leading the counter offensive versus the Russian invaders in Mongolia, having left his pyramid fortress in North Korea during a coup d’etat of the local government.

Amon Ra

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