Reaper of Souls

Avatar of Death


Aspect: Abyssal
Caste: Day
Gender: Female
Hair: Pigment-less White
Eyes: Red

“I don’t see why we can’t just kill them all, it would be easier.”

Standing 5’2" Reaper’s athletic form tends to be hidden by the heavy robes she prefers, which also serves the purpose of protecting her albino body from the sunlight. Stunningly beautiful and striking with her pigment-less white hair and albino red eyes, she could be very attractive if it wasn’t for her disturbing sociopathic personality.


Not much is known about Reaper as of current, but she has a disturbingly energetic reaction to murder, enjoying it in such a way that is way more than appropriate. She appears to hold the role of Spymaster within the Concordat, and it is probably a good thing she is not the leader.

Reaper of Souls

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