God of Sea and Storm


Aspect: Dragonblooded
Caste: Water
Gender: Male
Hair: Deep Black
Eyes: Dark Ocean Blue

“Drink with me little one, no need to worry.”

Standing at well over 7 feet tall Susano-o is an imposing figure most of his bulk covered with a giant suit of black jade super-heavy plate armor in a very Realm-esk style with a classic Realm style helmet with a large golden crescent moon arching up from the forehead. His almost black blue eyes are piercing and fierce and one can almost see the raging ocean behind his gaze.


Susano-o seems like a simple man, straightforward and strong. He tends to find himself deep in cups when ever he isn’t on the battlefield, content to discuss past exploits with anyone who wishes to. Interestingly the only Exalted in the 5th Age capable of creating more Exalted.


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