Петро Бондаренко

Tzimisce Fleshcrafter


“Ah a new subject, come closer, and hush, there will be plenty of time to scream later.”

Aspect: Vampire
Bloodline: Tzimisce
Organization: Sabbat
Gender: Male
Hair: None
Eyes: Snake Gold

Peter’s appearance can best described as horrifying, he has crafted his face into a mockery of humanity, with bone ridges and barely identifiable facial features. He stands at 6’2" at current and has snakelike eyes, as well as no appreciable body hair, or even a real scalp to grow it from.


Peter is a known Sabbat member within New York’s Manhattan island and although the territory is controlled by the Camarilla he doesn’t get much flak, being exceptionally powerful and more than a little useful. He contracts his services as a fleshcrafter to anyone who can pay, Sabbat or Camarilla and even to mortals who are in the know.

Петро Бондаренко

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