I’m tracking something big. I don’t know what to call it, exactly, except “The Wyrm”. That’s what werewolves call it. I’ve also heard it called “the corruptor”.

For the past month, I haven’t posted because I was fighting the undead in a nightmare shadow realm… yeah. That sentence looks the way I thought it would.

This thing, the Wyrm, exists parallel to our world, manipulating people and transforming places. It has lots of poisoned people that serve it, and a lot of things which I can’t tell if they were ever living beings.

When I was away, I fought a giant mass of rotting flesh that had a castle built into its back. Does that sound disgusting? It was.

This thing wasn’t on Earth, obviously. It exists in some place beyond, and it brings with it maggots the size of horses and some transformed undead warriors. One of them looked like a no shit medieval knight with a war hammer. It hit me with that hammer, too.

Which sucked.

Then I detonated a bomb inside the mountainous thing, right next to zombie MC hammer. It didn’t kill them, but it gave me enough distraction to run away. I spent a long time trying to escape that place and make my way back to Earth.

Now, why did I bring up that weird ass implausible journey into hell? Because fighting the zombie mountain and giant bloatflies (yes, the maggots turned into giant bloatflies) also connected to an ancient holy lance I’ve been lugging around, and awakened some ancient holy fire within me…

Aaaaaaaaannd this lance’s origin is linked to the ancient monster werewolves call the Wyrm. I know, it’s not as straightforward as I’d like it to be either. Suffice it to say, I think the Wyrm, Pentex, and the legends about the world’s end in 2012 all link to this weapon. I’m about to try to get some proof for you all, so stay tuned!

P.S. Anybody know a way I could get on board the flying battleship over Washington DC?

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@Killboss42: Why do you want to get on it?

@TheHangedMan: ‘Cuz fuck you, that’s why!

@Vengeance777: He wants to get on dick

@Cho69: Good U lived!

@Dracon88: You want revenge. A fight with the woman who shot you.

@TheHangedMan: Yeah, but that’s kind of a side quest…

@Wet010: Before you try getting on the helicarrier, make sure you have some partners who won’t get in your line of fire.

@Keepthelight1: How did you even get to this “other dimension”? And where did you find this “holy lance”?

@TheHangedMan: The holy lance was in a pyramid, and I got to the other world through a portal which the creature I met at my Awakening used.

@Keepthelight1: My fault for asking, I guess. Does the portal still exist?

@H8vamps12: Is this portal in pill form?

@CaptainFlag22: Hey @Wet010, maybe it’s more important to learn how to aim!

@TheHangedMan: The portal does still exist, it’s under an overpass near Central Park. It can only be activated by certain people… I’m aware of seven total. I doubt if just any Hunter will be able to find it.


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