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I’m going to tell you all about the recent destruction of Ravenswood Power Station. I did that. Not exaggerating.

I probably need to give just a little bit of background… the REASON I destroyed it was, it was run by Fomorii and some of the werewolves called Black Spiral Dancers. Brief overview: Both of them are really strong, and really, really evil. I’m also finding out, the more I dig, that a really disproportionate number of these creatures inhabit areas owned by the Pentex corporation and its holdings.

A really, REALLY disproportionate number. Like, absolutely no way this is a coincidence kind of disproportionate. Like “Supernatural forces control one of the biggest corporations in the world” kind of disproportionate.

Bane spirits swarmed Ravenswood like maggots crawling on rotten meat. One of them knocked out a vehicle one of my partners was driving, which wasn’t great because said vehicle also had enough explosives in it to turn a collection of Hunters into a collection of free-floating mist.

I’d already planted another bomb, though. I talked a delivery driver into making an unscheduled stop at the plant, then I hopped out of his truck and full-on ninja’d my way to the natural gas tanks, left a pack of explosives and snuck back out. So, when the van bomb couldn’t get into place, it just meant we could only destroy half the fomorii rather than all of them at once.

I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “@TheHangedMan, I know you have to be a real big-dick OG to take on a horde of fomorii.” And you’d be right, of course, but it’s not the whole story.

See, as the ogre-like creatures poured out of the bombed facility, werewolves started bursting out of the surrounding woods, smashing head long into the fomorii. “How did they know to attack like that?” you ask? Because I told them.

I worked alongside werewolves to do this. I spent weeks talking to ones I’d discovered, meeting with their packs (or “Tribes”), and convincing them not only to trust ME, but to trust EACH OTHER. Those of you who never talk to your prey (Which I’m going to assume constitutes about 95% of you on HunterNet) may not know this, but werewolves have kind of a rigid social structure. You have to know which ones to talk to, who likes who, etc., before they will agree to combine into a pack for a joint attack like this one at Ravenwood.

I’m not the best fighter, and I pretty much got my ass handed to me in that fight. I went up against a BSD, and it would have totally shredded me but for a werewolf coming in and saving me at the last second.
Here’s a fun fact: That same BSD chased me down again later, only to get killed by a vampire that considers me a friend.

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@Vengeance777: I would have let it kill you then I’d have killed it

@Sammy818: Holy shit, that’s to coolest thing a Redeemer has ever done.

@Bloodpoptart: Glad you survived and all, but you knocked out the power to my fridge! Lol

@Rocksteady9: Ditto.

@CaptainFlag22: So is it Pentex only that has these things?

@TheHangedMan: I think so, they all seem to have SOME Pentex connection…

@Killboss42: Pentex is huge, they’re connected to everything. I bet all bloodsuckers and lupines have connections to them too.

@TheHangedMan: No, it’s definitely more direct a connection than that. I’ll start posting some stuff.

@Killboss42: Looking forward to it.

@Cho69: What’s a Fomarii?

@TheHangedMan: @Cho69, they’re like fairy tale ogres… I’m not sure if they used to be human or not.


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