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I’ve seen a lot of hate for Redeemers on HunterNet, and a lot of misconceptions. I decided I probably ought to post a couple of answers to the most common problems.

Q: All Redeemers are weak/ Redeemers are cowards/ Fuck you Redeemer, etc.

A: It’s harder than you think to be a Redeemer. We approach the same threats that the rest of you do, but we do it with our defenses mostly removed because we don’t give up on anyone. Even those who would do us harm.

Q: What’s it like to talk to a vampire?

A: Like talking to a crazy person. They’re lots of different kinds of crazy, because each clan has its own little foibles. Camarilla types tend to be haughty and manipulative, Sabbat will probably try to kill you outright, and Anarchs will just talk shit all day while actually needing your help.
When you talk to a crazy person, it’s really important to keep in mind that you have to accept THEIR version of reality. If you see a guy breaking store windows because he thinks his reflection is trying to escape and strangle him, you can’t just be like, “no it isn’t.” You have to accept that, TO HIM, everything he says is absolutely true. His reflection is trying to kill him, and breaking store windows stops that from happening. So you suggest maybe covering the windows, staying away from the windows, or tell him that together maybe the two of you can find a better solution to his reflection trying to kill him, then go get him some medication. Same basic process.
Also remember that to vampires, WE’RE the crazy ones. Think about it: Why are we scared of vampires? Because they come in an kill us for unknown or hateful reasons. What do WE do to vampires? Swoop in and kill them for unknown or hateful reasons. Kind of makes sense when you think about it.

Q: What’s it like talking to werewolves?

A: It’s tough. They mostly have an intense hatred of humankind because of what we’ve done to the planet. The wolves have an intense connection to nature, and we spend a lot of our time building cities and machines and stuff which encroach on their territory. They also have a lot of pack mentality and animal behaviors, like biting the shit out of things that piss them off.
Some wolves refuse to deal with humanity at all, like Sabbat vampires. Not much you can do with them except deal with other members of their family.

Q: What’s it like to talk to Changelings?

A: Really, really weird. You never know what you’re going to get.

Q: What’s it like talking to Wraiths?

A: Like talking to a person with a lot of emotional issues. They’re tied to the world of the living by physical presences that were so important to them that it prevented them from moving on after the death of their body.

Q: Do you Redeemers really think monsters should never be killed?

A: That’s not exactly true. We believe that not ALL monsters should be killed. Monsters are still people, just like some people are monsters. Doesn’t make it worth killing all people just to be sure you got the ones who really were bad. If you treat everybody like they torture puppies just for fun, you’re probably painting with broad strokes.

Q: Are you like, the biggest dick OG ever?

A: Not ever, no.

Q: You care more about monsters than you do about their victims, don’t you?

A: That’s just stupid. If we didn’t care about the victims, we wouldn’t put our lives on the line to change the monsters.

Q: Why do you guys suck so bad in a firefight?

A: Because we’re so awesome in the steps leading up to the firefight.

Anyway, that’s my take on it. Hope this clears some things up.

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@Vengance777: TL;DR

@Librarian85: The terms you use are unfamiliar.

@Cho69: Was just thinking that

@LadyKnight111: How can your reconcile the feeling of wrongness these creatures have with your own heart.

@TheHangedMan: @LadyKnight111, it’s because of a lesson my biological father taught me. As he lay bleeding to death and starving, watched by his starving family as well as some military men who could have saved both him and us at no personal cost to themselves, he taught me this: Nothing in the world will ever be right.

@Librarian85: Please consult Thread #92991 for definitions, Thank You.

@LadyKnight111: Well as I saw my father, mother and younger brother being eviscerated by these creatures, I cannot say that I feel any empathy towards them when they are on the end of my sword. The sight we share shows these creatures for what they are, corrupted beyond saving.

@TheHangedMan: @LadyKnight111, my folks were killed by plain, regular people who were just doing their jobs. I didn’t have any special sight back then, but I bet you’d never know the evil they’d done just by looking. On the other hand, I’ve seen both werewolves and vampires show as much kindness as any human… whatever they might look like.

Redeemer FAQ

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