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This happened not that long after my Awakening. I got shot in the face by an FBI agent… you know the redhead that’s on TV all the time now? Her. She shot me right in the face when I was trying to get in to Central Park. Remember when that freakazoid flew around the whole place? Most of the footage was blurry, but for those of us close by, it was pretty clearly three people riding on an old, no shit ancient chariot.

Anyway, the important thing was, I got shot in the face trying to convince the FBI to let me in the quarantine zone, then they cuffed me and threw me in a paddy wagon. When I woke up, I was face to face with a vampire. She looked like an animated China doll and had a child’s mind (Malkavian, anyone?), but also had flashes of insight beyond human (or vampire) understanding. That’s how she found me, and probably a huge part of the reason I didn’t get disappeared into one of Vanessa Reigns’ undisclosed locations for the rest of my very short life.

Samantha is, for all intents and purposes, a child. She doesn’t have any cruelty in her entire being, just a lack of understanding and a need to drink blood. She’s no more a monster than a hemophiliac with a mental disorder. She’s so carefree that another vampire kind of “adopted” her just to watch out for her. They don’t kill people and they don’t try to make life worse for them, either. Like any of us, they’re just trying to survive.

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@JeanD’Arc1412: You probably won’t like this: but that other vampire just wants to make sure they’re cover doesn’t get blown. Can’t have a feeding ground be too obvious. The truth is: euthanizing a Vampire is the best thing for it.

@Crossbow199: She can probably tell you about other vampires…

@Vengeance777: Did you fuck it? I bet you did fag

@TheHangedMan: @Vengeance777, first of all, no. Secondly, that insult LITERALLY makes no sense. It’s like you’re waging a one-man war against the English language, not the supernatural.

@Vengeance777: I’m a woman not a man

@TheHangedMan: My apologies, madam.

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