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I guess I’ve been running off ahead of myself on some of my recent posts, so I’m taking a minute to catch everybody up on a couple of linguistic terms which monsters use.

Antediluvian: The oldest vampires known (or believed) to still exist. Vampires measure themselves by generation… starting from the first vampire, Cain. The Antediluvians were generation 3, and are in theory the most powerful of them all. Some of them are probably dead, but their legends are still alive and well among vampires, to the point where lots of them think their ancestors will return and kill the younger generations.

Armageddon: Just what it sounds like. Werewolves call the end of the world by this term.

Anarch: These are vampires who don’t like other vampires telling them what do do. That’s pretty much it. They kind of associate with other Anarchs to help each other out against being coerced by organizations of other vamps. No, they don’t get the irony.

Black Spiral Dancer: These things are werewolves which have been “infected” (possessed?) by a different supernatural force, something werewolves call “The Wyrm”… basically a massively destructive power. That’s all I know for now.

Camarilla: These are vampires who live in human society. They believe they can best survive by remaining unseen, not making waves, and blending in. They have a kind of hierarchy city by city, usually with a city governor (Called a “Prince”) being the accepted final verdict on disputes.

Changeling: Human being who has been transformed by the Fair Folk.

Exalted: Human beings instilled with supernatural power from a source which predates the world. The beings calling themselves the Concordat of Directions all call themselves Exalted.

Fair Folk: Ancient beings, things that predate the universe. They’re chaos, pure and simple. Pretty much all the ones I’ve encountered have been in Japan. The “dimensional anomaly” which engulfs the Imperial Palace in Tokyo is a gateway to their chaotic realm and SHOULD BE AVOIDED. I had one friend grow a tail, and another one who permanently ended up talking like that crappy villain from that Batman movie, and both of them were really lucky all things considered. My cell phone turned into an ear and a mouth when I went through that gate. Seriously, STAY AWAY.

Fomorii: Ogres. They seem to be connected to the Black Spiral Dancers, and “The Wyrm”. Don’t know much else yet, except that a lot of them seem to congregate around Pentex owned facilities.

Gehenna: The “End of the World”, according to vampires. Lots of their prophecies about Gehenna have come true really recently.

Garou: This is what werewolves call themselves as a collective.

Golconda: This is kind of a legend among vampires, but it’s one I know to be true: Golconda is the state a vampire can achieve to regain their humanity. They lose all the traditional need for blood, and I think many of their other weaknesses too. THIS CAN HAPPEN, IT IS TRUE.

Kindred: This is what vampires call themselves as a collective.

Sabbat: These are the real, shit your pants, bad news vampires. They have nothing but contempt for humankind and have the shared belief that they ought to openly rule over us. Old vampire legends say that the devil-worshipping, child-sacrificing empire of Carthage was ruled by these guys, until the Romans and vampires from the Camarilla destroyed them.

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@Vengeance777: @TheHangedMan Made all this stuff up reading faggy fanfiction

@Librarian85: Terms listed here are without reference.

@Cho69: How you learn this?

@TheHangedMan: You want me to cite resources? Uh… for the most part, I got it from talking to the creatures themselves. I read a bunch of stuff in the libraries of some old vampires in Paris… but I didn’t write down the titles. The main one is The Book of Nod, but that one just covers Gehenna, Cain, and the Antediluvians. The later stuff, about the Camarilla, the Sabbat, and so on, was written down in a lot of reference books which talk about the Convention of Thorns (I think that was what it was called), which happened sometime in the late 1400s. Vampires had some big internal fight, and they split up into their respective groups. Maybe that gives you something to go on?

@TheHangedMan: P.S. Seriously, @Vengeance777, do you just wait all day to troll me? Don’t you have a non-computer related activity to be doing? Abortion doctor to kill or anything?

Terms I Know

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