The Lady of Notre Dame

@TheHangedMan – The Lady of Notre Dame

I know Paris isn’t the hot vacation spot it used to be, but there’s something I feel like you guys need to be aware of: There’s a vampire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and she doesn’t drink blood. She seeks to help not only vampires, but humans who are blood bonded to vampires. She can actually break a vampire’s hold over humans. I’ve seen it work.

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@Vengeance777: Got to be trick

@TheHangedMan: What do you do, just wait for every single post I make?

@JeanD’Arc1412: Actually, I’ve heard rumors about this. I don’t know about the motives… could be she’s just fighting other factions.

@TheHangedMan: She’s not.

@Vengeance777: Fag

@TheHangedMan: What’s with all the homophobia? And not to sound homophobic myself, but I basically only have sex with women.

@Cho69: Basically?

@TheHangedMan: Shut up!

The Lady of Notre Dame

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