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@TheHangedMan – My Awakening was traumatic and confusing… there was this creature, I later heard it called a Death Knight but at the time as far as I knew, it looked like a woman wrapped in bloody, hooked chains like something out of Clive Barker’s nightmares. She slaughtered five people right in front of me and I ran away… or tried to.

Ever since then, I feel like I jump between worlds. Anybody else ever get that? There’s the normal world everybody else sees, then there’s this ancient world which has existed since before the world, that only YOU see. And you can’t talk about it… not with anybody you used to know. I tried telling my dad about it, then he got really drunk and went out and got in a fight. C’est lavie.

I’ve been a Redeemer for just about two years now, chasing that same Death Knight. I’ve learned a lot about her, and what she used to be before she was a monster. She was a real-life hero, better than anything I can hope to be… she sacrificed herself for the good of the world, and it’s that sacrifice which has relegated her to the living horror she endures now. I know she’s done things which are evil, but she’s also done good. I don’t believe she’s lost forever, that hero she once was… and the same goes for a lot of the things which stalk humanity.

Anyhow, that’s plenty long for an intro.

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@EugeneDebs13: Welcome!

@JeanD’Arc1412: That’s a hell of a story. You need to know tho, whatever those things used to be: they’re not that now.

@Dracon88: Ah little man, you finally made a profile.

@Vengeance777: Faggot redeemers need to go crying to their mommas

@TheHangedMan: @Vengeance777, My mom’s dead, thanks for that.

@Vengeance777: Don’t care

@Cho69: Y u took so long????

@TheHangedMan: I don’t really like computers…

TheHangedMan Profile

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